Wednesday 24th November 2021 – Godiva’s 184th at Meeting

Meeting Theme - It’s Never Too Late

Emil gave us some very relevant to table topics to test our impromptu speeches:


  • Guppi explained why he was best placed was selling himself as a ski instructor, which was evaluated by Gina.
  • Amy persuaded uis why she would made the best accountant, evaluated by Matthew
  • James Musongela definitely got our vote for leader of Coventry, who was evaluated by Rich.
  • Hassan (a guest) did a fantastic job at getting investment for his electric train projects which was evaluated by Michelle

Another energetic and inspiring meeting at the Cherry Tree in Coventry.  Godiva Speakers welcomed 2 guests and 2 new members and ended on a high by receiving a trophy!


With James Watts as Toastmaster of the evening keeping us informed and on track smoothly and with a nice, calm energy throughout.


Matthew’s warm-up encouraged us all to recall the best event that we had attended, which encouraged people to share some fun stories of their adventures.


The prepared speeches ranged from both ends of the experience spectrum.  We heard two very well structured and delivered icebreakers, from new members – Leslie and Srini.  Both introduced themselves to the club, sharing engaging and moving stories of their lives, without the use of notes and Including the word of the day – perseverance.  Very impressive!


They were followed by Kevin Lee and Santhosh who demonstrated different ways to deliver a story.  From apples to warring cousins!


The evaluators – Michelle, Bence, Sanat and Tim gave insights and recommendations helping us all develop.

Pratik gave his Grammarian report , although didn’t have time to let us know how many times ‘perseverance’ was used – there were quite a few!


Steve Day from Heart of England Speakers crafted a shining example of a helpful; General Evaluation.


Two new members were welcomed into Godiva Speakers – Sher Fazel and James Musongela. We’re really looking forward to learning more about them as they practice their speaking within the club.

Next week we have the Speaker-thon where 10 speakers and 10 evaluators will, hopefully, will be using the stage to speak from!


Our last meeting of the year will be on the 14th of December.




Best Speaker – Leslie with her Ice-breaker

Best Evaluator – Bence

Best Table Topic – Jame M

Best TT Evaluator – Rich

President’s Award – Guppy


Rich, our Area Director, was there to present Godiva’s with a trophy for the Best Club in District for this quarter!  We are so proud!


Well done everybody for your continued support and making this club friendly and nurturing, and a joy to be part of.

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