Voice of Godiva – Tuesday, the 29nd of March 2022

Godiva Meeting 193 - Speakathon

It is typical of Godiva to make the most of every opportunity, and this third Tuesday in the month of March is no exception!


An online-only meeting, there were for 12 people there at the end, though Doyin and another guest joined us for part of the time.


The group might have been small, but the energy was high and Fiona did a fantastic job of keeping the meeting running and the energy on that level as Toastmaster of the Evening.


Due to lack of people, some of us had to double up with roles, but we are Toastmasters and we love to do that!


Kevin was an incredible grammarian, offering an amazing Word of the Day – Urbane – which means a person of a courteous or a fine manner / sophisticated – perfect for our little group.


Denise expressed her nerves taking on the role as Timer for the very first time.  She did, however, a fantastic job.  There were a couple of little errors, but that is how we learn!  She described her role thoroughly and kept us all in time.  She also managed to use the word of the day in her opening gambit.


We had four speakers today and four evaluators.  Santhosh gave an excellent example of a well structured put together evaluation for a Emil’s speech entitled ‘Speech Avoidance’.


I was the General Evaluator and Evaluator for Kevin’s beautifully told speech entitled ‘Plotter, Pantster, Procrastinator where he demonstrated some engaging storytelling.  He was so engaging, I failed to notice he went over time by nearly 2 minutes (we don’t have the bell for online meetings!).


Our third Speaker was Yayra, who gave us the second rendition of the speech that she is delivering to her parents for their anniversary celebrations. Amy volunteered last minute to take on the role of Evaluator and demonstrated how well she’s been listening and learning over previous meetings by delivering a very well structured first evaluation.


Tim gave the winning evaluation for the evening for Michelle’s very poetic speech that she performed like she was on the stage.


Michelle and Kevin drew as Best Speech  and Tim as Best Evaluation for the evening. Congratulations!


As the Evaluators were writing up their notes, there was a brief opportunity for a very quick fire around a Table Topics, which were delivered by Michelle talking about why she wants to be a spider and Pretish, our guest, telling us about his kidney transplant.


Another great meeting from Godiva Speakers thank you!


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