Voice of Godiva – Tuesday, the 22nd of Feb 2022

Meeting Number 190 - ‘Turn your Obstacles into Opportunities’

Godiva meeting number 190 proved to be another energetic and inspiring space.


With 19 members (2 online) and 4 guests, it was incredible to see that everyone had an opportunity to speak, and a dynamic and spirited networking session after the meeting.


Michelle opened up the meeting, on time, as Sergeant at Arms and passed the baton to Matthew who was at Toastmaster for the Evening.


With a theme of ‘Turn your Obstacles into Opportunities’ Sully got the meeting started with a great warm-up where we all described what obstacles meant to us.  The answers of everyone demonstrated the mindset of this incredible club.


Matthew shared some interesting facts and figures about this day in history and then introduced his team.


? Amirjit took on her first role as Timer, ensuring that the meeting ran as it should.

? Tim was grammarian with a multifarious word of the day – treasure.


This evening we had three prepared speeches.


Yayra delivered a heartfelt toast to her parents 50th wedding anniversary, which was evaluated by myself.


Denise delivered an incredible icebreaker using props, and demonstrated her vocal variety really well, which was evaluated by Bence.


Sher shared a poignant, powerful Poem from Counseling on the importance of listening. This was evaluated by James Watts.

After the break, Santhosh entertained us with some amusing table topics.

Doyin told us why he would like to go back to being 25 for a week – evaluated by Robin

Parmjeet (guest) – explained the best advice she had ever given was to ‘be yourself’ – evaluated by Zack

Chioma (guest) – left us salivating by describing the best cake she had ever eaten – evaluated by Pratik

Bappy – gave a balanced argument for eating a pizza with cutlery or hands – evaluated by Michelle

Adele (guest) flew us to Jamaica in a hot air balloon – evaluated by Amirjit.

Tim shared the grammatical treasures that he had gleaned from the treasure-trove of speeches and we were all thrilled to welcome back Fiona who was our General Evaluator for this evening.

Welcome New Members






Best Table Topic – Parnjeet

Best Table Topic Evaluator – Zack

Best Evaluator – Bence

Best Speech – Denise

President’s Award – Santhosh

Club Business

Next meeting – 8th March – is the Godiva Speakers International Speech and Evaluation Contest

It will be run on-line only.

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