Voice of Godiva – 14th Dec 2021 – Godiva’s Christmas Party

Godiva speakers delivered an energising and fun packed Christmas party to end 2021.

With myself as Toastmaster of the Evening and Matthew as Timer, we had a reduced agenda, with no prepared speeches, to allow plenty of time for socialising and dancing.

Eleven members turned up in the room, along with newly recognised Best Toastmaster in the District – Danny Banks and Adam Redshaw from Warwick Speakers and Leaders.  Gulbegim and Bence joined us online.


Sanat got us in the mood with three Christmas stories to remind us of what Christmas is really about – love, optimism and following your own intuition.

Tim then took the reins as a secret Santa for Table Topics giving us all a gift to talk about.

Santhosh told us about his five gold rings.
Adam wasn’t sure about his eight maids-a-milking.
Amy told us, how as a child, she would have wished to join her 10 drummers drumming.

Sher wanted to return his seven swans-a-swimming, due to lack of water in his home country, so wished to exchange for 7 horses.

Nishanth told us how he used his four calling-birds as an alarm clock.

Gulbegim set free her Partridge from the Pear tree.

Bence got confused with the Lords and turned them into frogs-a-leaping.

Guppy told of his six geese laying quantities of golden eggs.

Sanat described beautifully his three amazing French-hens.

Danny was very disgruntled with his two turtle doves.

Moya enjoyed a bit of pump and pantry pageantry with his 12 pipers piping.

Matthew was very excited with his 11 ladies dancing.

Michelle opened her gift, which was not from her true love, but actually was her true love.

Gina was very unhappy with her unwanted gift and returned it very ungraciously.

Tim talked about his shoebox and the unmatched pair of shoes!

We then went on to enjoy pizza, drinking, great conversations and a fantastic disco by Adam Redshaw, where we took to the dance floor.  Who would have thought that you could have a successful hybrid disco, where the online people felt (almost) as if they were actually in the room?

Great job Godiva’s – best Christmas party ever!  I was buzzing for hours when I got home, and alcohol wasn’t needed.

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