Voice of Godiva-Tuesday, the 26th of July 2022


Meeting Number 201 – Great journeys begin with a single step – 26th July 2022



We had 9 guests this evening, 17 members attended in person and 3 online.



Zack brought in the theme of the evening by asking us what our next step was as he opened the meeting as the Sergeant At Arms.



He introduced our President, Michelle who welcomed all our members and introduced our guests.



Then Emil took over as our Toastmaster for the Evening, who explained the Toastmasters etiquette and kept things running well (even when we had some technical issues with our online guests).



Parmjeet was Grammarian and gave us our Word of the Day – success.



Amanda took on the role of Timer for the first time and did a fantastic job.



Danny brought a burst of energy with a short sharp warm-up, asking everyone to share in 3 words or less how they feel after a great journey!



Tonight we had three prepared speeches, which were introduced and evaluated as follows –



? Sher delivered a strong speech on Depression


? Evaluated by Gina



? Sully gave his forth speech – Power of Role Models


? Evaluated by James Watts online



? Santhosh persevered through some technical difficulties telling the Story of the Lady


? Evaluated by Pratik




Club Business



Look out for more Club Officer Training – a chance to find out more about how Toastmasters runs, the roles and the opportunity to network with other clubs.



The Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest are starting in September – start planning your speeches!



The break was full of laughter, chat and biscuits!



Srini offered some interesting Table Topics.



? Our guest, Sam gave an insight into his world by sharing 3 things that matter most to him – family, his education and work with the army reserves. This was evaluated by Amanda.


? Our guest, Angela took us back to her childhood in Zimbabwe when asked what would she change – to enjoy more of what Africa had to offer.  This was evaluated by James M.


? Adele shared about her wedding night when asked to recall a spontaneous moment and how they she made the most of that gorgeous dress in Cuba.  This was evaluated by Matthew.


? Our guest, Tal told us of the top 3 qualities she looks for in friends – kindness, compassion and fun.  Evaluated by Lisa.






? Best Table Topic Evaluator – Lisa


? Best Table Topic – Adele


? Best Evaluator – Gina


? Best Speaker – Sully


? Presidents Award – Emile




Guests’ Comments



“I didn’t know what to expect, but it exceeded anything that I could think of.”  Sam



“Initially I was terrified, but I found it amazing and each and every one of you has been very welcoming.”  Olivia




Next Meeting



Tuesday 9th August 2022



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