Voice of Godiva – Tuesday, the 12th of April 2022

Meeting Number 194 – Anything is Possible! 

As Toastmaster for the Evening, I ramped up the theme of ‘Anything is Possible’ with three interesting facts of this day in history!


1937 – The first jet engine was successfully tested.

1961- Yuri Gagrin becomes the first human in space.

1981 – The Space Shuttle blast off into space for the first time.


We had one guest this evening and 17 members attended in person.  Unfortunately technical difficulties meant that no one could join us on line, which meant Yayra was not able to take up her role of Grammarian.


Laura took on her first role as Sergeant At Arms, giving a clear and confident introduction and opened the meeting on time.


She introduced Matthew as our Acting President for the evening,


Natasha then warmed us up nicely, inviting us to share what habits we would like to introduce to our life.


Due to the technical issues, Yayra couldn’t attend as Grammarian.  Sanat eagerly took the role and set the scene for the rest of the meeting with the word of the day – Joy – in all its connotations.

Tonight we had three prepared speeches:


? Srini informed us well about green cars


? Amy told tales of her adventurous travels and interest in unusual people, in her speech entitled ‘I made it, Mandy’


? Doyin introduced himself, with his icebreaker – ‘Tap Step Tap Step’


Specific and helpful evaluations were given by Emil. Pratik and James Watts.

Club Business


Congratulations to myself and Bence who both came second in the Division Contest.  Me for Evaluation and Bence for International Speech.


We are very excited to announce that our very own President – Nishanth Mohan will be the Area Director for Area 42!

The break was full of laughter, chat and biscuits!


Table Topics


Sanat then took on his original role at Table Topics Master, with some thoroughly uplifting and ‘joyful’ questions.


? Our guest, Inderjit answered ‘What gets you excited about life?’ by telling us about her 8 year old son.  This was evaluated by Nishanth.

? Denise managed to fit in the word of the day upteen times as she discussed ‘Is it better to love or be loved?’  Natasha evaluated.

? Chioma gave an interesting idea of ‘Is there such a thing as perfect?, which was evaluated by Srini.

?I talked about the joy of sharing a smile, in answer to the question ‘What small act of kindness were you once shown?’  Amy delivered my evaluation.



? Best Table Topic – Inderjit 

? Best Table Topic Evaluator – Amy

? Best Evaluator – James Watts

? Best Speaker – Doyin

? Presidents Award – Pratik

This was a particularly joyful meeting, thanks, in part, to Sanat’s word of the day, which just goes to show what we talk about, we bring about!


Michelle fed back to us what we particularly did well and suggested some areas of improvement as our General Evaluator for the evening.

Guests’ Comments

“I didn’t know what to expect, it was very different.  I really enjoyed it!  I liked how supportive everyone was.  Thoughtful evaluations.  Very welcoming.”  Inderjit

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