Godiva Toastmasters Club is all about helping members to achieve public speaking goals.

First, you need to familiarize yourself with Toastmasters systems. Please see below most frequent asked questions by new members….

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Are we looking for new members?

Yes we are always welcoming new members to our club

Can I visit club as a guest for free?

Yes, your first visit to the club is free. Subsequently, you can choose to become a member or continue to come as a guest by paying £5 at the venue

How can I join this club?

Once you decide to join the club, please let any of the committee members know and we will take you through the joining formalities.

How often do you meet?

We meet at least twice a month, every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. We also schedule additional meet-ups, and speakathons.

How many members’ does the club have?

Our current membership strength is 25

What are the Table Topics?

Table Topics session is where members and guests are given the opportunity to practice impromptu speaking. A Table Topics Master (TTM) is the one who hosts this session. He/she calls upon members (as well as guests) and gives them a topic to speak upon for a minimum of one minute.

What are the membership fees?

a. We review the fee every 6 months depending on Toastmasters International fee, venue costs etc. As of now, for a new member, the joining fee for the first 6 month (minimum commitment) is £70. This includes the lifetime registration to Toastmasters International and all other associated costs in running the club. For the subsequent 6 months, it is £45.

Where can I access the club application form?

Once you decide to join our club, our Vice President of Membership will be in touch with you to walk you through the joining formalities.


What are the conditions of becoming a member of Godiva Club?

We are a very committed group and our only request for you to join the club is to be committed and show up every meeting and take proactive participation. Rome wasn’t built in a day and our promise to you is that the results will come if you trust the process.

What is Easy Speak?

Easy Speak is membership progress tracking and scheduling tool. All out meetings are scheduled through Easy Speak. We would request all members to use Easy Speak to request your speech, mark your preference for the day of speech etc. through ES.

What are Toastmasters Pathways?

Pathways is Toastmasters new education program.
Pathways is designed to help you build the skills you need to communicate and lead. It is comprised of 11 paths that teach more than 300 unique competencies.

You will develop real-world, transferable skills in many different areas through Pathways—communication, leadership, management, strategic planning, service to others, public speaking and more.

As you progress through Pathways, you will:
1. Practice and improve your communication and leadership skills.
2. Give speeches in your club based on assignments in Pathways.
3. Challenge yourself to build and refine certain competencies and skills.
4. Complete a range of projects that include persuasive speaking, motivating others, creating a podcast and leading a group in a difficult situation.

What is Base Camp?

Base Camp is your online gateway to Pathways, where you will find everything you need on your journey. Here you can work on projects, track your progress, connect with members of your club and view badges and certificates you’ll earn along the way. Base Camp also features resources to help guide you, including tutorials, videos, quizzes, interactive activities and more.

Do I have to attend every meeting?

Developing any skills requires consistent efforts. Hence our advise for the members is to attend every meeting, unless there is something you are unable to avoid.

What is an IceBreaker?

An Icebreaker is essentially the first project in any path of Toastmasters, the one that kick-starts your journey with the club. It is a short speech, about four to six minutes in length, the primary objective of which is to introduce yourself to the club.

How often can I present a speech?

As often as you want when you are ready. Each speech is a project in pathways, and requires preparation. Our advice is to go ahead and prepare for the speech, and you may get a wild card to do a speech if there are some cancellations.

What are our goals as a club?

We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

What is a Speakathon?

We conduct Speakathons regularly to enable our members to accelerate through the pathways. SPEAKATHONS are events clubs create to allow the members to do more speeches and long form speeches that cannot be done during a regular meeting.

What are the Toastmaster’s Competitions?

Speech contests are a Toastmasters tradition. Each year, thousands of Toastmasters compete in the Humorous, Evaluation, Table Topics and International speech contests. Competition begins with club contests, and winners continue competing through the Area, Division and District levels. Winners of the District level International Speech Contest proceed to the region quarterfinal level. Following region quarterfinals, winners advance to the semifinals for a chance to take part in the World Championship of Public Speaking. Each year, more than 30,000

How does the mentorship program look like in our club?

A mentor offers encouragement and guidance to a fellow member of Toastmasters while he or she works to accomplish goals. A mentor has the opportunity to share experience, wisdom, and knowledge while a protégé gains a foundation for building skills and meeting goals. Godiva Speakers had a dedicated New member induction & Mentorship manager. The NMIMM ensures that a new member receives orientation to Club procedures and the Toastmasters educational program and is assigned a Mentor if needed.

How to give feedback?

Feedback is the breakfast of champions, and we ensure that all our members get actionable feedback. Evaluation and Feedback is a project in Level 1 of any pathways project and it will help new members to give and take feedback.

How to request a speech?

You can request speech through Easy Speak and also by contacting the Vice President of Education directly. Please see the step by step guide below.

How to book a speech guide, please click here

What are the roles of each club officers?

Please download below pdf document

Induction Pack Club Officers PDF

Induction Pack Club Officers PDF


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